Design and technology

Made in Italy design has inspired and innovated, influencing consumerism and lifestyles throughout the world. An evolution expressed in terms of quality, comfort, well-being, ergonomy right through to sensuality, even in objects for every-day use, which improve our lives.

With their geometric and harmonious lines, icons of lighting have transformed our perception of spaces.

Iconic armchairs have created a new way of conceiving relaxation.

The designer coffee maker that has elevated the art of preparing coffee in a pure Italian style.

The symbol of the Italian way of life par excellence, in a unique and incredibly timeless design.

Design has also arrived in the world of footwear.

Arkistar interprets the evolution of shoe design using innovative materials, an infinite colour range, minimal uppers and a sole which exudes evolved modernity.
Arkistar is the new frontier of design, bestowing a unique personality upon all wearers of its footwear, in an increasingly genderless world, as part of a contemporary lifestyle.